Smeds is a cheese spread brand which was recently acquired by Lactalis group, the French cheese manufacturing giant.

The difference between French cheese and cheese made in France is that between an imitation and the original.

Smeds’ objective was to communicate that message clearly: we are now made in France.


 Now that Smeds is being manufactured in France, we needed to express it’s new French identity through Smeds’ point of purchase. The design language needed to speak French. The Free Standing Units (FSU) wore the French flag boldly on the header, and the first message the consumer read is “Made In France.” The shelves carried the blue, white, and red colors, but in case the shopper wasn’t familiar with the colors of the French flag, we added a large Eiffel tower on the side just to make sure. It would be near impossible to miss: Smeds is now French.

Although not exclusively targeted towards kids, we made Smeds a bit more fun.

A dispensing mechanism was added to gamify the act of purchase.

We designed the shelves to hold the circular shape of the container in place. Smeds is now fun and French.